You are part of one of the world’s leading heist crews. After months of planning, careful team selection, and meticulous execution, you and your team have finally pulled off the most successful bank heist of our time. Now the hard part begins!

You have to play it cool while the heat is on. You and your crime companions must spend a week in close quarters until it’s safe to part ways with your separate earnings. Be wary though - there’s no honor amongst thieves here, and everyone is out to get the biggest take for themselves. You goal is to spy, save, swap, sneak, and swindle you way to the most money without drawing too much attention to yourself.

More importantly, rumors are there’s a snake amongst your crew trying to get the prized jewel for themself! And worst of all, a rat might just be trying to turn you all in.

Become the Driver, Yegg, Hacker, Brute, Operator, or Mastermind of this criminal crew and show you have what it takes in The Bank Job.


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The Bank Job


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