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  • Train your crew!
  • Customize your ship!
  • Battle fearsome aliens!


Can you assemble the top crew to discover the far reaches of the galaxy?


Join the ranks of the World Space Exploration Asociation’s Explorers and train your own crew of tomorrow’s Star Travelers as you explore the galaxy, discover new planets, and defeat the alien threat to Earth. With nearly 150 million combinations, can you find the best crew, ship, and robot to outperform your competition and prove yourself as the top commander in this ever-changing game based on the sci-fi book series? Featuring a custom game introduction and graphics by author K. E. Knights.


Get the books:

Star Travelers: Get Out of My Milky Way (Book 1)

Star Travelers: Time Is an Inclusion (Book 2)

- Also available on Kindle @ Amazon -

Star Travelers: The Game

  • This game consists of:

    1 Fully-printed Large Retail Box
    1 Deck of 108 Micro Cards
      36 Ship Cards
      36 Crew Cards
      36 Gameplay Cards
    48 Game Board Tiles
    55 Upgrade Tokens
    36 Report Tokens
    36 Supply Cubes
    10 Rank Mark Tokens
    6 Player Mats
    2 Custom Dice
    1 First Player Token
    1 Full Color Rulebook

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