Five children on a special exploratory trip through space find themselves off course and out of luck. These kids, each chosen for their own personality and skills, must work together to find their way back home. Meet the Star Travelers and join them on an expedition through space as they team up with Commander Merrick and their ship's advanced artificial intelligence, Xigal. Our adventure requires critical thinking, teamwork, and just the right amount of quirky humor to return to Earth safely. Prepare for edge-of-your-seat action as we begin the adventures of the...Star Travelers.


Star Travelers teaches leadership and problem-solving, racial and gender diversity, and contains researched science facts to draw a child's imagination to the edge of reality. It is an excellent choice for light reading, astronomy curriculum, and STEM classes. Delve into an endless universe of imagination and possibility with Star Travelers Get Out of My Milky Way.


The second edition was updated for the release of the second book in the series and features digital artwork. The first edition features hand-drawn artwork by the author.


Autographed copies and 1st editions will have increased processing time.


Check out this 5-star review from Amazon:


"This debut children's story by KE Knights was absolutely wonderful. Set in a plausible future for humans in space, this book explores many different scientific ideas that are made easy for children to understand while also inspire awe and wonder. This book is a wonderful read for all children, but especially for those interested in STEM projects. I appreciated that the characters in the book were diverse and there were many valuable young female scientists, as well as male, on board the spaceship. The story encourages learning, confidence, and problems solving. The illustrations are hand drawn by the author and make an impact on the story. I also enjoyed the formatting and font choice for the paperback and definitely recommend this book for children in grades 2-5."

Star Travelers: Get Out of My Milky Way


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