• A Take That Classic With Modern Mechanics!
  • A Refreshing Mixture of Card and Board Strategy!
  • 1000's of Board Arrangements for Hours of Replayability!


Slide your pucks, bump your friends, and score a goal!


Welcome to Puck Bumpers, the vintage classic with a modern twist! Puck Bumpers is a game of quick thinking, planning, and getting back at friends. You’re sure to love the dynamic board that changes throughout the game, using cards to foil your opponents’ plans, and the wild puck-bumping moves. Score your pucks before anyone else, but watch out! Your opponents are out to get you, and one move can change everything. The goal of Puck Bumpers is to manipulate your meeples, ice blocks, and pucks in order to send your four pucks through any of the four goals. Includes all you need to play two versions of this fast-paced addicting game!

Puck Bumpers

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$34.99Sale Price
  • This game consists of:

    1 Medium Pro Box
    1 54-Card Tuck Box - Keep your box tidy!
    1 Deck of 54 Cards
      10 Action Change Cards
      5 Draw Change Cards
      22 Game-Changing Rule Cards
      17 Quick Play Cards
    1 16-Page Rule Booklet
    16 Reversible Small Square Mats - A double-sided modular board with two versions of the game!
    6 Sets of 2 10mm Wooden Cubes - 2 cubes for each color!
    6 Sets of 2 Wooden Meeples - 2 meeples for each color!
    6 Sets of 4 Wooden Discs - 4 discs for each color!
    2 4"×5" Baggies - Keep your parts from sliding all over!

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