• Quick, Tough Strategy!
  • Extensive Replayability! Different Every Time!
  • Easy To Understand, Impossible To Stop Playing!


A fast-paced, mind-testing game with competitive dynamics.


Welcome to Match ‘Em Up, the game that will challenge your wits, betray your memory, and flex your mind. In this game, you will try to match your cards with the center play cards while trying to confuse your opponents. Can you keep your mind straight in order to Match 'Em Up?


For even more mind-bending fun, check out the Match 'Em Up Expert Edition! This edition features an additional 7 symbols to keep your mind working in overdrive!


Already own the standard edition? Add on the Expert Edition with the Match 'Em Up - Expert Expansion!

Match 'Em Up

  • Standard Edition consists of:

    1 72-Card Tuck Box
    1 8-Page Rule Booklet
    5 Sets of 9 Symbol Cards
    1 Rainbow Deck of 12 Cards
    1 Digital Download of Print and Play Cards so you can start playing right away! (Via email within 24 hours of order confirmation)

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