• Draft a different team every game!
  • Endless combinations of deities and sports!
  • Six different god and goddess origins to choose from!


Compete against ancient deities in modern events!


You have found the Game of the Gods! Become the coach of your very own team of deities from all over the heavens and earth. Draft the best team you can with the gold you have to offer and put them head-to-head against your opponents’ teams. Can you assemble a divine squad with enough skill to become the best, or will you fall short of the glory that comes from the Game of the Gods?

Game of the Gods

  • This game consists of:

    1 Fully-printed Medium Stout box
    1 Deck of 42 Deity Cards
      24 Major Deities
      18 Lesser Deities
    20 Event Tiles
    2 Sets of 6 Origin Tiles
    15 Medal Tokens
      5 Gold Medals
      5 Silver Medals
      5 Bronze Medals
    58 Gold Coin Tokens
    6 Player Reference Cards
    1 Black D3 Die
    2 Plus 1 Tiles
    2 Plus 2 Tiles
    1 First Player Token
    1 3x4 Baggie
    1 12-Page Rule Booklet

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