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  •  All players play simultaneously with a semi-coop mechanic.
  •  Multiple pre-tested floor layouts for each level.
  •  Timed gameplay brings suspense and tension to every game!


Escape a haunted house in real time with your life at stake!


You will play as different horror trope characters that have found themselves trapped in the attic of Hall Manor, a legendary haunted mansion. Each of the prey has their own unique ability to help them get through this torment. Explore the manor to locate the stairs on each level to escape. While you will find items to use as weapons (or provide other benefits), you will also come across dangerous situations and some of the evil creatures that haunt this dilapidated home.


The game begins in the attic, with each player starting in a separate room. Players get five minutes per level and will act simultaneously, moving from room to room to search for the way to the next level down. Once a player has found the stairs, they may proceed to the next level. Any players that don't make it are out, but their bodies are excellent for looters.


On the first floor, players are looking for the door to the manor (and freedom). Be careful, though! If you fall through to the basement, you'll find the spirit of Dr. Hall himself and be trapped forever.


With three levels and a quick, guided setup for each, Flight from Hall Manor plays quickly. Gameplay can be boosted or hindered by cooperation, but as little as one player can win each game. Multiple floorplan maps are included for each of the three levels, making every game different.

Flight from Hall Manor


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