Brains and Brawn Gaming was started by one simple idea: a true love of gaming. With decades of experience in learning, mastering, and imagining different game mechanics, Brains and Brawn has now made it their own personal work to bring the joy they have come to love to everyone. A small fish in a big fish world, Brains and Brawn Gaming is truly thankful for all of our customers, and we look forward to seeing the ways you enjoy our games.

Company Milestones

Feb, 2020 – Company Founded

April, 2020 – First Print-On-Demand Game Sold (Puck Bumpers)

Jan, 2021 – First Successful Funding of a Kickstarter Project (The Bank Job)

Mar, 2021 – Successful Funding of our Mint Tin Projects

*** Upcoming Dates ***

Feb, 2022 – Kickstarter Launch of Chris Scaffidi’s Tomten

Q3, 2022 – Kickstarter Launch of Keith Wilcoxon’s Clans of Claarin

Note: We have begun to prospect for new games for 2023-25.
Game submissions may be sent using this form.